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Lakshadweep, a tropical paradise in the Arabian Sea, is located on the coast. It is home to the best village beach resorts in India and some of India’s most beautiful beaches. If you’re looking for a peaceful and serene vacation, Lakshadweep may be the right destination for you.

The island is famous for its white sandy beaches and lush greenery. Lakshadweep has many Village Beach Resorts that offer a comfortable and memorable stay.

Kadmat Beach Resort

Craving a beach escape that feels like stepping into a postcard? Picture this: Kadmat Beach Resort, your home on tropical Kadmat Island.

Think swaying coconut palms whispering secrets to the turquoise waves, and powdery-soft sand that squishes between your toes.

No fighting for space here – the resort’s private beach is your playground for swimming, sunbathing, or building sandcastles with the kids.

Rooms? Think spacious and comfy, some with ocean views that’ll take your breath away. The staff? They’re like your island buddies, always ready with a smile and a helpful hand.

More than just beach bumming, Kadmat Resort has adventures galore. Snorkel amidst vibrant coral reefs teeming with fish, or scuba dive down to a wonderland of colorful marine life.

Feeling sporty? Cast a line for the day’s catch or explore the island’s hidden coves on a nature walk.

After all that exploring, refuel at the resort’s restaurant. Think fresh seafood feasts bursting with local flavors, enjoyed with the sunset painting the sky in fiery hues. It’s like the island itself cooked you a delicious dinner!

Kadmat Beach Resort isn’t just a place to stay, it’s a chance to lose yourself in island life. Soak up the sun, reconnect with nature, and let the friendly staff make you feel like family.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a couple seeking romance, or a family building memories, Kadmat Island has something special waiting for you.

So, pack your swimsuit, grab your sense of wonder, and get ready to discover your island paradise at Kadmat Beach Resort!

Kadmat Beach Resort

Thinking of a dreamy escape to Kadmat Beach Resort in Lakshadweep? 

Let’s break down the price range to make planning easier:

  • Imagine staying in a cozy beach hut:

No air conditioning: Pay around ₹4,000-₹5,000 ($50-$60 USD) per night for two, meals included. Think breezy nights and island vibes.

  • Prefer a cool retreat? Air-conditioned rooms cost:

Between ₹5,000-₹7,000 ($60-$85 USD) per night for two, meals included. Enjoy the comfort of AC while still soaking up the beach magic.

Agatti Island Beach Resort

Imagine this: you’re sinking your toes into the soft sand of a pristine beach, turquoise waters lapping at your feet.

The sun warms your skin as you gaze out at a horizon painted with vibrant hues of sunset. This isn’t a dream, it’s your reality at a stunning resort nestled on the breathtaking island of Agatti.

Welcome to a haven where comfort meets adventure, where relaxation dances with thrilling exploration.

Forget cookie-cutter Village Beach Resorts – this is your escape to a unique paradise where the whispers of the lagoon and the rhythm of the palm trees guide every experience.

Dive into Paradise:

  • Unwind in Luxury:

Trade daily stress for plush accommodations that embrace the island’s charm. Wake up to the gentle ocean breeze and drift off to sleep serenaded by the waves. Your haven awaits, a space to recharge and reconnect with yourself.

  • Adventure Awaits:

Don your mask and fins and plunge into the vibrant world beneath the waves. Snorkel alongside colorful fish, witness the grace of sea turtles, or discover the secrets of coral reefs with a guided scuba dive. For the thrill-seekers, cast your line and reel in the bounty of the Laccadive Sea.

More Than Just a Resort:

This is your chance to immerse yourself in the unique culture and natural beauty of Agatti. Explore the island’s charming villages, witness the traditional craftsmanship of Lakshadweep, and lose yourself in the rhythm of island life.

Agatti is calling, and this resort is your gateway to paradise. Come, and experience the magic of this unspoiled island, where every moment is a treasure, every adventure a memory to cherish. Book your escape today and let the rhythm of the ocean guide you to a journey you’ll never forget.

Think paradise, Agatti Island-style! Here’s how much your beachy escape might cost:

  • Beach Bungalows:

No fancy AC, but you’ll score stunning views and island vibes for ₹4,000-₹5,000 ($50-$60 USD) per night for two, meals included. Budget-friendly bliss!

  • Cool Beach Cabins:

Craving some cool air? AC rooms cost between ₹5,000-₹7,000 ($60-$85 USD) per night for two, meals included. Relax in comfort while still enjoying the beach breeze.

  • Ultimate Island Package:

Go all-in for ₹25,000-₹40,000 ($300-$480 USD) per person for a 4-night stay. Food, activities, and boat transfers? Done! Just chill and soak it all in.

Kavaratti Island Beach Resort

Imagine these: palm trees gently swaying through the wind, crystal-clear turquoise water that laps at your feet, and the gentle kiss of the sun’s skin.

This isn’t just a fantasy it’s a reality at an exquisite resort on the picturesque island of Kavaratti, an undiscovered gem within the Lakshadweep archipelago off the coast of India.

A Tropical Paradise Awaits

This tranquil oasis is surrounded by lush greenery and coconut palms stand in awe like giants of kindness. Your private beach is stretched out before you, a vast expanse of white sand that is eager to be engraved with the footprints of your feet.

Relax in the calming embrace of the ocean, and let the gentle waves soothe your worries. Relax in the warm sun and feel the tension dissipate as you relax into the island’s beauty.

Spacious Sanctuary, Impeccable Service

After a day under the Maldivian sun, your comfy room welcomes you like a cool hug. Think spacious, and breezy, with views that melt into the horizon.

Sink into a cloud-like bed, listen to the waves whisper, and let the worries drift away. Friendly staff are always there to make sure you’re happy, adding a touch of island kindness to your escape.

So, dream under starry skies and wake up refreshed, ready for another day of paradise!

Kavaratti Island Beach Resort

Exploring Kavaratti Island Beach Resort Prices

Dreaming of a tropical escape to Kavaratti Island Beach Resort in Lakshadweep? Let’s break down the price range so you can focus on planning your sun-soaked adventure!

  • Beachside Breezes:

Non-AC Room: Embrace the natural island air and stunning views for around ₹4,000-₹5,000 ($50-$60 USD) per night for two, meals included. It is budget-friendly and perfectly beachy.

  • Cool Comfort:

AC Room: Beat the tropical heat and relax in comfort with air-conditioned rooms starting at ₹5,000-₹7,000 ($60-$85 USD) per night for two, meals included. Island vibes with a cool twist.

  • All-Inclusive Dreams:

Packages: Indulge in the ultimate carefree experience with all-inclusive packages ranging from ₹25,000-₹40,000 ($300-$480 USD) per person for a 4-night stay.

Minicoy Island Beach Resort

Imagine waking up in paradise! Coconut palms rustle by your window, waves whisper on the shore, and soft sand stretches like a dream. This isn’t a dream, it’s Minicoy Island’s beach resort.

Your room is your haven, friendly staff smiles like sunshine, and a private beach begs you to swim and sunbathe. Dive into reefs full of colorful fish, snorkel through underwater wonders, or catch your dinner and feast on local flavors. 

Explore the island, soak up the Maldivian charm, and let the ocean lull you to sleep. Escape the everyday, find your paradise at Minicoy Island!

Minicoy Island Beach Resort

Your Budget Guide to Paradise

Dreaming of turquoise waters, swaying palms, and island bliss? Minicoy Island Beach Resort can make it a reality, and here’s the breakdown to help you plan your getaway without breaking the bank:

  • Beachside Bungalow Babes:

No fancy AC, but you’ll score stunning views and island vibes for around ₹4,000-₹5,000 ($50-$60 USD) per night for two, meals included. Perfect for budget-conscious adventurers!

  • Cool Coast Cabin Crew:

Are you craving some cool air? AC rooms cost between ₹5,000-₹7,000 ($60-$85 USD) per night for two, meals included. Relax in comfort without sacrificing the beach breeze.

  • Ultimate Island Indulgence:

Go all-in for ₹25,000-₹40,000 ($300-$480 USD) per person for a 4-night stay. Food, activities like snorkeling or diving, and boat transfers? All taken care of! Just chill and soak up paradise.

Bangaram Island Resort

Imagine waking up to coconut whispers and turquoise kisses on your skin. Welcome to Bangaram Island Resort, your gateway to paradise.

Nestled amid swaying palms, our beachfront haven beckons with pristine sands and endless sea.

Dive into shimmering lagoons, snorkel vibrant coral reefs, or simply bask in the sun – the private beach is your playground.

Unwind in spacious, charming rooms and embrace the warmth of our island family. Adventure awaits – explore vibrant marine life, cast a line for dinner, or wander the island, savoring the local rhythm.

Bangaram Island Resort

Resort’s prices so you can plan your island escape without stressing!

  • Beach Bungalows:

Imagine stunning views and island vibes for just ₹4,000-₹5,000 ($50-$60 USD) per night for two, meals included! No fancy AC, but you’ll get the natural breeze and a budget-friendly paradise.

  • Cool Coast Cabins:

Prefer a cool touch? AC rooms cost ₹5,000-₹7,000 ($60-$85 USD) per night for two, meals included. Relax in comfort without sacrificing the beachy feel.

  • Ultimate Island Package:

Go all-in for ₹25,000-₹40,000 ($300-$480 USD) per person for a 4-night stay. Food, activities like snorkeling or diving, and boat transfers? Done! Just chill and let paradise embrace you.

Now you can budget for your dream Bangaram adventure and start picturing yourself basking in island bliss!


  • Prices get higher during peak season (November-March) and on weekends/holidays.

  • Non-AC rooms are cheaper, but AC makes a big difference in tropical heat.

  • Packages can be a good deal if you enjoy included activities like water sports or diving.

Top tips for saving:

  • Visit during the off-season (April-October) for lower prices.

  • Choose a non-AC room if you’re okay with it.

  • Compare prices on travel booking websites like Makemytrip or Goibibo.

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In these Lakshadweep havens, paradise awaits beyond the turquoise waves. Kadmat Best Village Beach Resorts whispers serenity with private beaches and island charm.

Agatti beckons with adventure – dive into vibrant reefs, reel in the day’s catch, or simply unwind in island luxury Village Beach Resorts. Kavaratti unveils a tranquil oasis, where spacious sanctuaries meet impeccable service.

Minicoy’s idyllic resort promises azure escapes and Maldivian charm. And Bangaram, nestled amidst swaying palms, invites you to dive into shimmering lagoons and embrace endless horizons. Choose your dream, Lakshadweep awaits.

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